Quality Policy

ACES policy is based on the founding principle that there is no substitute for quality and we must at all times go the extra length to ensure quality in everything we do, this is reflected in our Endeavour in providing our clients adequate resources, use of efficient and economical methods complying with relevant codes, specifications and standards and strive for continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


ACES will provide sufficient and appropriate resources to implement and achieve quality objectives within definite programs and schedules to meet regulatory and obligatory requirements.


ACES will continually seek to improve its quality management system effectiveness towards more customer satisfaction by refining its project quality plan through use of advanced technology, quality products, training of staff and implementing quality management systems that meet the requirements of its clients.

HSE Policy

ACES HSE policy to meet the safety requirements including all applicable codes, standards and regulations in Egypt and worldwide.


ACES management shall vigorously pursue safety of operations materials workmen and the environment.


ACES management shall investigate any accident with a view to ascertain all the responsible elements in order to avoid recurrence.


ACES policy consider the training of subordinate staff is the duty of supervisors while they give necessary back up for effective coverage.


ACES is committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment, through the protection of the materials, equipment and components from damages resulting from improper operations.

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